Wedding, a very beautiful event in every ones life. Some do the arrange marriage the one in which the whole family chooses the Bride and Groom, and some choose the love marriage in which Bride and Groom choose each other. Everyone wants this wonderful day to be planned very well so that only good memories stay with them throughout their lives. Most of us starts planning this event many months before the marriage, which is a good thing but sometimes some things are left in the planning which becomes a problem at the right time. But after reading the below content the chances of mistakes will be negligible.


Wedding planning can be divided in 10 steps:

1) Budget Planning- Well this should be the first step for sure because if a budget is not set for the marriage then there are many problems waiting for you ahead. So set a total amount which is not too much because even though this day is quite important but still its not a good thing to ruin your future for that day. So make the total budget smartly and stick to it. Even if something costs above the budget then another item has to take a cut to make the balance. Be very flexible at the time of spending money and make some changes to things that are less important from others.


2) Time Plotting- Well time allocation is very important in wedding planning and well according to many wedding planners, 12 months before the marriage is the time to start planning. But even if you have not that much time, you can adjust it as in the starting months its all about sending invitations and announcing the marriage date and this work can be done a bit late too. The main time is 3-4 months before the wedding and that time have to be planned very accurately and then have to execute that plan. The main reason that the planning should start 12 months before the wedding is because of the reason of venue, because many venues are booked even 14-15 months before the wedding, so if you are starting a bit late then try to find some great venue and if you can’t then go for alternatives and try for some Public garden or a less known church.


3) You have to organize many things so it’s better to put all of them on a single piece of paper. Things like invoices, quotes, receipts, seating plans, photos of desired decorations/clothing, patterns, instructions, etc.


4) Discuss everything with everyone so that there are no misunderstanding in between any one and especially in between Bride and Groom.


5) Choose a very simple and good looking theme for marriage rather than a complex one because you have to see the budget too.


6) Do a good research on the designs of wedding cards and then send the cards to everyone you want in the marriage.


7) Now it’s time for shopping, buy great clothes for the marriage and two beautiful rings.


8) Now decides the musicians and Videographers following by the food facilities.


9) Now choose a cake which suits the theme of the marriage.


10) Now finally you have to rehearse the marriage so that nothing goes wrong.


After following these steps most probably your marriage will be a success. So enjoy your marriage life. Wedding planning can be a herculean task . From deciding upon, cake, decorations, catering, photography, arrangements – it can be all too overwhelming at times. Its a joyful thing too, so decide if you need a planner, else get cracking and plan it in your own style – here are some ideas to get you thinking.