One of the more popular trends for couples planning a wedding is to have a destination wedding. Choosing to do this may result from a few different reasons. One of the reasons is that they do not feel especially connected to a home town from moving often or their family is spread all over the country or the world making it a sure bet that most of them would have to travel to the wedding anyway. Another reason is the couple wants to have a smaller, more intimate wedding with just close family and friends and wants to combine a beautiful or special location for the ceremony and the honeymoon. This article will talk about some of the more exotic locations people are choosing to get married in like a Nigerian wedding using professional photographer Nigeria, a beautiful beachside ceremony in Maui, Hawaii or mountainop wedding in British Columbia, Canada.

When a lot of people think of having a destination wedding, many of them think of a beautiful tropical beach location and not Nigeria. It is one of the largest secrets out there for a spectacular location to have your wedding with unbelievable settings for your ceremony and a trip that will provide memories for a lifetime for not only the bride and the groom but for all those who attend as well. If you have a Nigerian ancestor and wish to return there for your wedding or just want a unique place to be married, this is really special place where local businesses put together wonderful wedding packages for the ceremony and the reception following.

If you want a gorgeous tropical oasis but do not wish to travel beyond the United States, consider heading to the island of Maui in Hawaii for your destination wedding. One particular location is Makena beach on the island of Maui which is private and away from all of the big resorts near the village of Lahaina. It has a small cove beach that has lava rocks surrounding it making it a unique and beautiful setting to have your small and intimate ceremony on the beach. Just five minutes from this cove is the unbelievable Wailea beach resort that has gorgeous grounds and facilities for a great reception following your beach ceremony.

If you are an outdoorsy couple that loves everything about the mountains whether it is skiing, mountain biking or hiking, then a mountain top destination wedding may be perfect. One of the most beautiful mountain locations is Whistler Mountain in British Columbia, Canada. They do many weddings throughout the winter and summer seasons for the high altitude loving couples and have great facilities within the Whistler resort to host a nice dinner or reception there afterwards as well. Because it is so popular for destination weddings, book as far in advance as possible for your mountain top celebration.

Whether you travel to Nigeria, Hawaii or Canada for your destination wedding, do what you want to do to make the most special day of your life a memorable one.