Wedding thank you cards can be a troublesome, cumbersome business if you’re unsure about whom the person really is, if you disliked the gift, or if you’re in a post-wedding daze from all the commotion, ruckus, and work of the event. It’s important that you use the formal introduction of “Dear So and So” at the beginning of each casual greeting. You can append a personal attachment at the end along the lines of “Sincerely,” “Love,” “Best of Luck in all your Endeavors,” or “With Much Love”.

A proper way to say it would be something like this example:

Dear So and So,

Thank you so amazingly much for the wonderful photo frames. They’re perfect for our tables and bedroom accessories. Our interior designer is going to have a field day when we let him arrange all the different photo frames you gave us. Of course, we’ll have to fill them up with pictures of children. We know what you were thinking when you gave us all those photo frames. Trust me, we’re working on the children! I really liked it when we all danced in a circle at the wedding. It was so incredibly fun. Tell Uncle Pete to stay off the harsh spirits because he got a little tipsy. We can’t wait to tell you what the honeymoon and our new life together is going to be like. Hopefully, we’ll survive the sharks and sting rays in the Caribbean. You guys were great at the wedding!

With love,

Cherry Darling

As you can see, people like to express their deepest sentiments and friendly experiences in a single thank you letter. Friends and relatives will be delighted to remember the fun times you all had at the wedding. They’ll be delighted that you loved the gift, and they’ll think positive thoughts about you afterward. It’s all in the cards to send thank you notes each time you receive a wedding gift. It’s good karma, good for everybody, and people like to feel appreciated. Wedding invitations are the first step, and thank you cards are almost the last step.

Be sure that your wedding invitations mention wedding favors because people need to feel like there’s some kind of balance in the exchange of gifts. People don’t like being ripped off. They want to feel free and happy with the transaction. At a deep level, people think of the exchange of the wedding gifts with the wedding favors, food, and celebration. Make it mutually beneficial. Send a thank you card as the icing on the cake. People love ’em.