Wedding rings can be bought in sets. A set can come in two or three rings, an engagement ring plus one or two matching wedding bands which are worn next to each other or on either side of the engagement ring. Sets are important because they comprise both the ring for you and your beloved partner.

They are also very popular even back then and you can find different sets on display in many popular and quality jeweler’s display windows. Prices vary depending on the kind of materials used as well as the quality of the ring set’s stones. The amount necessary depends on the color, clarity, carat size and cut of the stone. Your ring set can also be as simple as possible and may be totally made of gold or platinum without the expensive stones. But if you want to make it more beautiful and your budget permits, you can always put expensive stones like a diamond or a sapphire or a ruby or an emerald.

A typical wedding ring set, however, are often made from a yellow gold alloy combined with another metal such as copper or tin. Most couples tend to purchase matching wedding ring sets with the same metals and stones. Jewelers provide a wide range of choices so there is always something to suit every couple. If you want to go for fancier sets, designer bands often have more intricately created design than traditional wedding bands. New materials like titanium are becoming more popular choice for wedding rings because it is light and durable in addition to being less expensive than gold or platinum. Also fashionable is the two-toned wedding ring set. These sets combine both white and gold metals.

There are also other types of materials available to create your wedding bands like jade or haematite. Alternative designs are also being offered like Jewish ring and Celtic ring. Some couples sometimes choose to design their ring from a treasured family ring passed down to them. This practice is traditional and dates back centuries. Some people opt to just upgrade a gold band and retain the original stone while others prefer to put the setting into something totally different. Others utilize recycled components from jewelry to make a brand new piece.

Another material for your wedding rings that is getting popular especially now that the economy is not that good is Cubic zirconia or CZ. CZ has been competing with diamonds on looks and beating them on price. We all know that having diamonds on your wedding ring sets can cost a lot of money especially when you want several on each ring. CZ is cheap enough to have several on each ring in the set and still not go over your budget. This can really make a big difference on your wedding budget as you can easily afford to have these beautiful stones on each of your ring.