As a Hawaii Wedding Photographer and being a Groom myself I’ve been through the rigors of being in contact with vendors and receiving promotions from potential wedding businesses while preparing for a wedding. While I had to learn this lesson the hard way, I’m giving you this tip so you don’t have to. One of the most beneficial pieces of advice I can give to any client is to set up a separate temporary email account for your wedding planning and use it to register for staying in contact with vendors, contests at bridal expos and whenever you are requesting information from a potential vendor online. Having an email address that is separate from your personal email account not only keeps all of your wedding-related emails organized in one specific location but it also prevents junk mail and spam from cluttering your personal inbox.

There are many FREE resources on the internet to use at your disposal. Google’s Gmail and Yahoo Mail just to name a few are resources that anyone could use to sign up for a temporary email account.

When working with vendors you have to remember every company you contact wants your business. And most will do anything to get in contact with you. One tactic many vendors will do, whether it is a wedding photographer or a wedding florist, is not provide a pricelist on their website or at their Bridal expo booth. This in turn will required a potential client to contact them in order to gather the most crucial piece of information they need to make a decision, the PRICE. I tend to think of this as a fishing technique because once you send them an email requesting information they’ve got you hooked and they’re trying to real you in. Consequently, Brides and Grooms fall into this trap when “shopping around” for the best deal.

Another way to limit the amount wedding-related emails you receive daily is once you’ve decided to hire a certain vendor, let the remaining vendors know of your intentions that “you have decided to go with a different vendor and are no longer need in their services.” Don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings because its just business. This, most of time, will prevent them from trying to contact you again in regards to servicing your wedding.

Finally, the best part of this tip is that once the wedding is all said and done, go ahead and DELETE the email account. You’ll never see another wedding-related email!