Congratulations – you’re getting married! Now begins the fun and hard work of your wedding planning. Once the excitement of your engagement dies down you will be faced with the daunting but exciting task of planning the most special day of your lives. It may seem overwhelming at first but planning your wedding doesn’t need to be difficult just take on board the following hints and tips to help you plan the party of a lifetime.

Do begin your wedding planning as soon as possible after you get engaged. Many vendors and venues are booked well in advance and you may face a wait of two years for your preferred choice. A typical wedding planning period is 18 months although it is possible to plan a wedding in a much shorter time frame.

Wedding planning will require a great deal of decision making. From the wedding date to the color of ribbon on the wedding favors, there is a lot to be decided. Talk to each other about what kind of wedding you both want, do you want a religious ceremony or a civil one? Does a destination wedding appeal? Do you want a big traditional wedding or an intimate, informal day? If you have differing ideas try to reach a compromise which suits you both and although, this is your wedding, do talk to your parents about what you want, they may have more ideas for you to consider.

A good starting point for your wedding planning is to talk about what is most important to you both for your wedding. Being able to prioritize those elements which are most important to you will help you to allocate your budget and build all other details around them.

Think carefully about your wedding date. Do you want to get married in a certain season, such as a spring wedding or perhaps you would like a wedding during a holiday period such as Christmas. Consult with family and friends about any dates which may conflict with other events or anniversaries, especially if they are people you really want at the wedding with you. Choose two or three dates in case your choice of venue is fully booked on your first date.

Download free tools from the internet to help you with your wedding planning such as a budget planner and checklists. The budget planner will help you to allocate money to each element of your wedding day helping you to stay within budget. Planning checklists will list each element of your wedding in a time ordered list. Usually these will cover an 18 month period and include a wide range of elements for a wedding. Use them to help keep you organized and on track to have your wedding preparations in place by the big day.