Wedding pictures are a wonderful way to commemorate your special day, and they can also be an important addition to your family records, as it is a chance for lots of relatives and friends to get together. Therefore it is important that you think about the type of photos you want, to make sure you capture all the right moments.

If you are hiring a professional wedding photographer they will be able to advise you of some key shots, and also a range of mediums that will enhance your photos. You may want to focus your wedding album in a diary style format, so that it records the whole day from first thing in the morning when everyone is rushing around getting ready, to the moment you leave to go on honeymoon. Some people also like to create a diary of events leading up to the wedding, such as choosing the dress and the stag and hen nights.

Some key shots to ask for include:

· Getting Ready – Shots of the wedding dress and bouquet, the bride and bridesmaids having their makeup/hair done, bride and her mother doing the finishing touches, a full length shot of the bride leaving the house and getting into the wedding transport.

· Ceremony – Groom waiting for bride to arrive, bride arriving, shot of the everyone seated, bride walking down the aisle, shot of the main wedding party, bride and groom kissing, bride and groom signing the book and then leaving the venue as a married couple. (Note you may not be able to take photos during the actual ceremony in some venues).

· After the ceremony – Now is a chance for you to take group shots, to record everyone dressed up in their finest. As well as plenty of shots of the bride, groom and wedding party think about the other relatives and set up both small and group shots. Group shots of individual family units are a good start, such a large shot of the grooms family together, and one of the bride’s.

· Reception – As professional photographers usually charge for the duration they are with you on the day, you may only want to hire them for the main, formal event, at least up until the cake has been cut and the presents have been given out. For the evening reception you could let the guests take the photos, by placing disposable cameras on each table and the collecting them at the end of the night.

In terms of the medium, there are many different techniques of photography, and styles of finishes including colour, black and white and sepia. Many photographers use a mixture of digital and traditional cameras, and the benefit of digital is that you can review and edit each photo as soon as it has been taken. You may also be able to request a copy of your photos on digital format to load onto your computer, which can be a cheaper and easier way to circulate copies to your guests. If you are very creative, you may want to incorporate some of the more artistic techniques of photography into your photo album, such as using a wide-angle “fish-eye” lens, to produce more abstract, distorted images, or an infrared lens which gives photos a surreal, ethereal finish. Talk to your photographer to discuss which finishes and techniques would best suit the style of your wedding, and also keep in mind your budget. High art finished photos may look stunning, but they could also be very expensive.