Your wedding invitation sets the tone of your entire day by telling your guests what kind of celebration they are attending, formal, casual, destination or something else. When you are investing this much time, energy and money into an event, isn’t it vital that you begin it right?

Start by looking at invitations as early as you can, even two to three months before you are mailing them. There are many choices that you have so finding something that really suites you as a couple can be time consuming. The internet will have the widest variety of choice available but, because computers vary so much, you will not be able to get the full feel of an invitation from the picture. Thus, ordering samples is crucial to making sure that the picture you see on the screen matches the invitation you hold in your hand and gives you exactly what you are looking for. Here are some suggestions to make this process easier:

1. Make a Wedding Event and Stationary List: The Wedding Invite is the most important one you will decide on but there are other events that will require stationary. The following are common ones you may need: a “Save the Date” card. Wedding Programs, place card settings if you are having a formal event, rehearsal dinner invites, also invitations for different kinds of parties ie, “showers”, and don’t forget “Thank You” cards. Making a list of all your needs and then ordering them together will save you considerable time down the road.

2. Best Search Engine Terms to Use: To begin your search, type one of these terms into Google or yahoo or the search engine of your choice: “wedding invitations”, “printable wedding invitations”, “wedding invitation samples”, “unique wedding invitations”, “wedding invitation kits”. Look over all the offerings to get an idea of the style, design, color, and price you want. Make sure to keep a list of the websites that have your favorites on them, you may think you will remember but it is easy to forget or confuse one site with another and then have to backtrack using up valuable time.

3. Order A Variety of Samples: If you start early enough you can order a variety of different types of samples to help you make your decision. Try ordering different styles like pocket folders or layered kits in addition to the tried and true single panel ones. Also compare prices for printed and printable invitations. You may find that the simple act of printing your own wedding invites considerably cuts the cost for you.

4. Allow Enough Time: When making your decisions, always check with the website to make sure you have allowed enough time for the invitations to arrive when they are needed. Remember that when ordering online you have to understand the shipping and processing time for each website as they will be different. In order to avoid disappointment, make sure to read the shipping section before you order and call them directly if you have concerns or questions.

By following these simple suggestions, your chances of finding just the right invitations for you are greatly increased. So get together with your fiancee and your tipple of choice, make a list of what you need, start your search and order a variety of samples. Above all, Enjoy.