So you have been asked by a mate to take his wedding photographs because he knows you are an excellent photographer. You are a good photographer but you are an amateur and never done a full wedding before. The wedding is to be a full-blown traditional wedding and you would like to help out. In fact, you are quite excited about the chance of doing a full wedding. However you know that an album of candid shots no matter how crash-hot are not going to do the job.

You know that there are nine stages to a complete coverage and the Bride’s Home is the first. The others are the guests’ and parents’ arrival, the bride’s arrival, the ceremony, after the ceremony, couple’s departure, the reception, and the final departure.

So what shots should you take at the brides home?

Below we look at a standard traditional wedding.

The Bride at home traditional shots:

  1. Bride at dressing table.
  2. Bride close-up.
  3. Bride full-length
  4. Bride with Mother, Bride with attendants.
  5. Attendants alone.
  6. Bride with both parents.
  7. Bride with close family (parents, brothers, sisters etc.).
  8. Bride leaving home.

There will be plenty of opportunities for some great candid shots and you should take them whenever you can but do not get so caught up with them as to forget all the traditional shots!

There are three types of Wedding Photographers: Professional, Amateur and Part-time professional. There are good and bad photographers in each category. If you know that you are a good photographer then do not hesitate to accept the assignment. You will be able to make up for your inexperience with your enthusiasm.