Choosing the music for your reception is a pretty big decision that is part of the whole wedding process. Fact is that you will probably have to make somewhere in the neighborhood of two hundred decisions before you finally go away on your honeymoon. Everything from what kind of dress are you going to wear and who should be seated with who to where do we want to hold the ceremony and, yes, what kind of atmosphere are we looking for at the reception will all have to be decided.

Making that last choice can be a lot easier than you think, if you just take the time to think about how everything is connected. If you establish a theme to your wedding (and I’m not necessarily talking about a 1920’s jazz-age theme or a circus theme, though both of those sound pretty fun) this will help take you through the whole decision making process that much easier. If you feel like doing something contemporary, let that reflect in the food that you serve and the dress that you wear. One the other hand, if you are looking for something more classic, then you can opt for a traditional venue, a traditional dress and traditional bands.

I’m not just talking about music, either. As impermanent as the ceremony and the reception are going to be (all that work for an event that is going to be over in eight or so hours) there are parts of it that will stay with you forever. Certainly, you will have the memories and when those start to fade you will have a photo album and probably a video that will help remind you. More tangible than that will be the gifts that you have received.

Every time you use one of them it will bring that connection back a little, maybe even triggering a recollection at that particular gifters attempt at dancing. You are not going to use every gift every day, though. What you are going to do every day is see the rings that you exchanged. That little circle is a permanent reminder of everything you were feeling on that special day. Make sure that you get the right rings for the right memories. A visit to a local professional jeweler’s will let you see how many affordable styles of fine jewelry are available for you to choose from, including the traditional bands that will perfectly complement the theme of your wedding.