A common question which arises within sex in Christian marriage is that of rear entry. Is it (sometimes referred to as ‘”anal”) a sin?

There seems to be two camps in regards to this practice of sex in Christian marriage.

The first camp claims it is indeed a sin, citing that the rear was not meant for sexual acts as it is a portal for excretion, not insertion. It is unnatural and goes against the teachings of the Bible they would argue.

This brings a recollection to mind of a pick up football game I once participated in where a player from the other side “mooned” the opposing team. While pulling down his pants, a large tattoo was revealed on his rear buttocks which read “Exit Only”. Now clearly this individual was referring to rear entry relations in regards to homosexuality. Which brings up the second sex in Christian marriage camp.

The second camp believes that this type of sex in Christian marriage is indeed fine and dandy, and is not at all a sin. They would site our football players belief above, that only homosexual relations would be a sin, and that, they would argue, is what the Bible refers to when it hints of rear entry sex in marriage to be sinful. This camp will also use the Bible to site various passage where it is hinted that rear relations via a female is in fact practiced and allowable.

The conclusion to be had is not to rule out this practice in marriage and to be automatically label it as sinful. Study the two perspectives, pray on the two perspectives, and make a spiritually sound and wise decision.

I think both camps can agree that ultimately the question that should be asked, is, “will these sexual relations benefit and strengthen our relationship with one another and our relationship with God, or will it serve as a negative factor?” If a couple feels that these intimate relations in marriage could strengthen that relationship and serve as a celebratory aspect towards God, then they should begin considering and researching further on such intimate practice.