We all know that a wedding is not cheap. Have you ever thought about making your own cards? I assume you are not a great designer, and doing a sloppy job might not be the best idea when it comes to an event such as wedding. Even if you do it yourself, you have to realize that time is money. What is the best solution if you want to save money?

Save money with free wedding invitation templates:

There are many free wedding invitation templates on the internet. Most of them are beautifully done because they want people to come back for more. They can be as easy as just typing in the words you want to show up on the card. The instructions are very easy to follow so you can make one in a few minutes.

Even though they are free, you need to be very careful with the terms of use. The most common rule for using free wedding invitation templates is that you cannot sell them for a profit. Often times, the credits (the website domain) must remain intact somewhere on the template.

You certainly do not want to use regular printing paper to make your cards. You might want to save money, but you certainly do not want to look cheap. You can check out the local office supply store to grab some materials that are specifically made for card designs, and they will sell printer ink that you will need to print out the cards.