Wedding invites have shown a tremendous change over time and this change is quite obvious with new generations taking over. New designs and custom templates are introduced with every passing day, according to the religions and traditions. Evolution of new color combination, materials used for card making, patterns, style and design can be seen with the increase in the number of local card vendors and digital domain. Designers are constantly working on to come up with something new and unique to impress their clients. Invites are not just a matter of inviting guests to become a part of the big day, but has become a status symbol for families. People are spending a lot now a days on cards than earlier. Invitations are considered the most important part of any occasion as they set the tone for the upcoming event in the minds of guests. Have a look at the change in cards of modern era below:

  1. Come back of Scrolls

It is generally said that Old is Gold or whatever goes out of fashion today comes back after years. This is what has happened with the scroll invites. With the changing trend they have made a blasting comeback. People love the traditional touch in their wedding cards. Modern cards integrate with old style to give them a new refreshed look. Scroll invites are a great example of this change as they are in demand these days.

  1. Creativity

It is one of the major factors that’s dominating the current invitation market. Designers are coming up with new and unique ideas to make something new and different for their customers. Recently the trend of inscribing love poems on the cards is quite popular among young couples.

  1. Personalization

Each and every thing can be changed and adjusted according to your requirement. Earlier the customer had to adjust with the pre defined placements, but now everything can be made on demand, whether its change of placement of the wordings or color combination or font.

  1. Photo of couple

This is another popular change in modern world cards where couples want to have their picture on the cards. They have a special shoot to have the perfect click for the invitation card.

  1. Add Ons

Specially designed accessories to accompany the cards like bags with couple’s name on it, customized sweet boxes and designer envelopes are trending. They add a royal touch to the wedding giving it a grand feel.