Is your Christian sex life isn’t what it could be? If you’re lacking the passion and an emotional connection in the bedroom, you are not alone. Christians in particular face some unique challenges when it comes to sex. You want to live a holy life and do right in the eyes of God.

Well, here’s the truth when it comes to sex, God wants you to be happy! He created sex to be pleasurable within the confines of marriage. Christians have developed a bad reputation when it comes to matters in the bedroom. They are portrayed as being sexually repressed. Christian women are viewed as being less sexual than men. Well, these things should not be the case.

Sometimes Christians focus so much on the sin of adultery and trying to steer unmarried Christians away from the temptation from having premarital sex, that somewhere along the line, sex has developed a negative connotation for some Christians. Because of this, for some Christians, sex has become associated with guilt. They become afraid to try things in the bedroom and be sexual.

The notion that you are to avoid sexual pleasure and that sex is only for reproduction is not a Christian concept. You can be spiritual and have a satisfying sex life. Between you and your spouse, it is 100% okay to experiment with sex.

Sex between married Christian couples is not taboo. It’s okay to get help. Even if everything is okay, it’s alright to spice things up. I mean, just read the Song of Solomon. It is a very sexual book in the Bible.

Don’t be afraid of seeking scripturally sound Christian sex advice. Go on a Christian couples retreat, talk to your pastor, pick up a solid Christian sex guide, or read the Bible together. Do more than one of these things, but take action.