Wedding invitations are actually some of the last details you will attend to during the wedding planning process, because so many other things have to be in place beforehand. The most important ones are, of course, the date, time, and location of the ceremony and reception (which may be two different places.) Once those have been established, however, the couple can start looking for perfect ones to announce their perfect day.

It used to be that the couple would walk into a stationery store or printing company and ask to see the wedding invitations book. They would then browse through page after page of invitations, starting with the most expensive ones and becoming less so as the couple made their way through the pages. As if the sheer number of invitations available weren’t enough, the wording could be different on each and every one of them.

Some couples still do that, and that is fine, because once the wording is chosen and the order is placed, from there it’s basically a matter of waiting for them to be printed. Sometimes, a sample invitation will be printed and the couple will be asked to proofread it to make sure all the information is correct. Once that is done, the entire order is completed. When they are ready to be picked up, the wedding invitations along with the inner and outer envelopes, as well as the tissue paper to be placed over the wording is included with the order.

However, many couples are choosing to use computer templates or computer software to create and print their own wedding invitations. This can have several advantages, but it may also a few disadvantages.