Building a strong Christian marriage is vital for Christian couples. The act of getting married comes with the responsibility of not just maintaining, but continually building a strong bond between one another.

Hardships, challenges, and debates will occur. If you have spent time building a strong bond, then these situations will be very easy to deal with. If you have neglected building your bond, then these issues will be difficult.

Don’t just “go through the motions”. This is very common and at some point we all fall into phases where we are “just going through the motions”. Our work life becomes busy, church activities become plentiful, and everyday things arise which can lead to a robotic routine, and a “going through the motions” type of marriage.

It is fine to have stretches like this when they become unavoidable, but the key is to recognize when they happen, and bounce back as quickly as you can. Marital bliss is highly dependent on our ability to bounce back quickly when challenges come our way.

Here are 3 steps to take that will ensure you are building a strong, Christian based, loving marriage:

1. Christianity as a Couple. Bible study, pray, and attend Church as a couple. To make your Christian marriage bond as strong as possible you really should incorporate the approach of practicing Christianity as couple. Read the Bible together. Pray together. Attend church together. These should be cement cornerstones in your marriage. It will solidify your bond and you will grow stronger together.

2. Make Decisions and Take Action Together. To build a strong Christian marriage bond you need to make decisions together, and then follow up with taking actions together. Even if the issue primarily concerns one of you, you should still communicate the decision together and take action together. That means showing up together and establishing a strong front for whatever your action taking is. A Christian marriage should be based on strong communication and a companionship where the both of you implement decisions and actions together.

3. Celebrate Your Intimacy. You should place great importance on lovemaking in a Christian marriage. Make sure you are both experiencing a high level of pleasure and pay attention to one another’s needs. Lovemaking should be seen as a high level of intimacy celebration focusing on the amazing union you have and God’s gift of celebrating that union through intimate means. Be romantic, be sensual and be a strong and wonderful lover to your spouse.