Did you kno that nearly half of all couples go over their wedding budget. Half! Of course there are situations where cost overruns really are unavoidable. For example, maybe various prices spike due to the price of oil going up. You may find fuel surcharges, or raw ingredient costs have risen. This is another great reason to have a separate, second account set up to handle unexpected expenses. You just never know when unexpected expenses will pop up.

But in many other cases, cost overruns are tied directly to couples caving into outside pressures or their own impulses. Or, they simply don’t watch closely enough as to what they are spending.

Top 5 Tips To Help You Stick To Your Wedding Budget

1. Be sure that both of you understand and agree to the budget you’ve set up

This is a great practice to get into for married life. If one of you half heartedly agrees to a budget that’s set by the other person, the chances of it being successful are slim. You both need to get on board and agree on the parameters of the budget.

2. Be sure to make several copies of your budget and post it where you’ll both see it often

Out of sight, out of mind. Don’t let this happen to you. Post it on the refrigerator, on your bedroom mirror, next to the TV, or any other place you both see often. If you don’t live together, be sure that both of you do this in your home.

3. Discuss and agree on any budget adjustments before spending the money

If you run into something that is going to cost more than the budgeted amount, but you really, really want it, be sure to check with your spouse to be to get him or her to sign off on the increase. Find out where else you’ll cut back. This also goes for a situation when a vendor is looking for more than what you originally agreed to.

4. Always look for areas that you are able to cut back on to compensate or additional expenses

If you don’t have a second account set up to cover unexpected expenses, this is an important area to consider. For example, what if you forget to invite someone that absolutely needs to be there? Let’s say a forgotten about aunt that your mother insists get an invite? By always looking at expenses to see where you can cut back, you’ll likely have extra funds available to cover situations like this. Think it’s not a big deal? Well, if you forget even a single couple, it could end up costing you upwards of $80 to $100 depending on your cost per guest. Do that a few times and you’ve got problems – unless of course you opened a second account for unexpected expenses.

5. Always write down any budget adjustments that you both agree to

Writing down the date and the reason for the change will eliminate any misunderstandings or unpleasant situations down the road.