So your best friend is getting married and you don’t know what to get for her or him? Or maybe even your son or your daughter is getting married? Of course you want to get the best wedding gifts possible and rightfully so. It is so very important to get the right kind of gift for a special occasion like this, as it is not just about the material giving but it also represents the type of relationship you have with that person.

But what to get? The list of possibilities is almost endless. You could get the couple some traditional wedding gifts, like kitchen appliances or silver ware. But then you could also go for something very non-traditional like a balloon flight, so the couple can have a romantic picnic above the sky. Feeling like being very generous? Maybe a Caribbean cruise would be the thing.

Confused? I know the feeling, as I used to struggle with the same questions and problems. This was till I found my wedding type system. It is easy to apply as it eliminates all the unnecessary choices and leaves you with a few suitable options for the best wedding gifts.

Here is how it works: Instead of focusing on the type of present, you focus on the type of person you are giving it to. This way, ideas for the best wedding gifts will evolve naturally.

The questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • Is the person / the couple a rather traditional one or are they very open to new things?
  • What type of relationship are they having with each other? For example, are they very religious? Have they already known each other for a long time? What are their plans for the future?
  • What do they do besides work and spending time with each other? Are there any special hobbies they are interested in? Are they engaging in community work? And so on.

When you clear up these kind of questions, you will automatically get a better feeling for what to get. For example, one friend of mine who got married was a very outdoor type of person who liked to take long walks in the woods. So believe it or not, I actually got a puppy for her, who is now a full grown dog and the love of the family. They also trained the dog at a special school, so now when she goes for a walk alone, the dog is always with her and will protect her. Perfect gift! Not for anybody but for that person.

Another friend of mine who is very religious was a completely different type of person. Obviously, a more traditional wedding gift was the much better fit. But at the same time, I didn’t want him to get something that maybe someone else would have already gotten. I thought it about it some more and remembered that he is also very aesthetic person, who loves art and everything about design. So I got him a beautifully decorated bible with a personalized cover which he still reads in to this day. Perfect gift for that special type of person.

You see how the process works? Don’t think about the present, think about the person and what defines him or her. Ask yourself the questions I proposed. Talk to other people about that person to find out more about him or her. And then, the best wedding gifts for that person will naturally present themselves.