Never before has the bride and groom had so many unique options for decorating their wedding cake. Whether you are looking for something traditional, or contemporary, or comical, or ethnic, or romantic, or perhaps a monogram, or a sports theme, or a mix and match bride and groom; there is a wedding cake topper out there for you!

I personally was excited to find many options for mixing and matching bride and grooms on the wedding cake. As more and more couples marry inter-racially, it is quite nice to be able to accurately represent both the bride and groom on the wedding cake. I adopted my daughter from India. She married a Caucasian young man. It was great to be able to find a bride who looked like a woman from India. We also had the ability to choose either a contemporary Indian bride or a traditional Indian bride. We were ecstatic! We could also choose the hair color for both the bride and the groom. What’s more, we were able to pick both the type of suit the groom wore and pose of the groom.

Perhaps you are interested in reflecting an interest or an ethnicity of the happy couple. Soccer, golf, football, hockey, fishing, skiing, basketball, rugby, and motorcycle riding are just a few of the sports type of cake toppers available. How about a Scottish groom wearing a kilt, or a traditional Jewish couple? Maybe an Asian couple in traditional wedding attire is what you are looking for.

Monograms may be more suitable to your taste. Decorative monograms come in a variety of styles such as brushed silver, gold, and crystal accented. A number of font styles are available to choose from as well as small and large size options. How about choosing an Asian Double Happiness Symbols in monogram script?

Maybe you prefer a traditional wedding cake topper. Many beautiful glazed porcelain figurines and designs are available such as couples embracing, trinity knots, and heart love links.

Some couples prefer to express themselves in a comical way. How about picking a bride racing to the alter dragging her groom behind her? Or, what about topping your wedding cake with a “high-fiving” bride and groom; or a groom “taking the plunge” with a playful push from his bride? One of my favorites is of a bride quite literally kissing a frog. The frog is HER PRINCE after all!

So, have fun finding the very best wedding cake topper for your special day!