The word Wedding Planner will definitely remind you of sexy siren Jennifer Lopez in the movie Wedding Planner or of Anushka Sharma for her role in ‘Band Baja Barat’. Both these movies have beautifully captured the role and duty of a marriage planner though with a little twist towards the end. However, these comedies of errors do not happen in the real world, and it has become a very profitable industry globally.

You can witness a sign of growth in the Indian diaspora as well. Today, services of a marriage planner are no more considered as an added expenditure. They have become a part of the system and know exactly how to minimize the work and lessen the burden of both groom and the bride side.

Some of the benefits of hiring a wedding planner are

1. It is easy to locate a venue and negotiate rates for the place. All this is done by the wedding planner, who has an adequate idea of the place or an area.

2. They have good contacts with the local helpers as florists, decoration people, and others

3. They can suggest various themes for parties like Christian, Italian and others.

4. You can plan your wedding even if you have a stringent budget

5. They can easily arrange for DJ, puppeteers, other source of entertainment.

6. It becomes easy to get in touch with a good designer for wedding attire.

7. One can contact a good chef for wedding day food as well as for refreshments for various ceremonies that happen before the actual wedding.

8. They are capable to save a lot of time and money of a wedding party.

9. They are deft at organizing a decor which is liked by all.

10. They can prepare a menu which will be as per the taste of your guests.

11. Wedding Planners can easily handle small errands and arrange for last minute crisis.

12. Whole responsibility from beginning to end falls on the wedding planners, which fills for man-power shortage.

A wedding planner might be little expensive and probably one does not get that can freedom; but they help in getting rid of confusion that can arise in a marriage hall. They insure that each and everything thing is in its place and wedding ceremony is solemnized with peace and happiness.

In our busy day life schedule, it is definitely not easy to do wedding planning. A wedding might not be a grandeur affair but usually both the parties of a wedding want a memorable evening. For this it is better to appoint a wedding planner who can take charge of everything and can put together a good show.

FNP Weddings provide wedding planners, who are experienced and have complete knowledge regarding client servicing. We can help our clients in organizing a simple or a flamboyant wedding of the month. You can get in touch with us to find more details about our wedding deals and offers. Our main motto is to provide a good marriage ceremony.