Getting married on a beautiful beach, with the ocean as a stunning backdrop, is a dream for many brides to be. Some people do not like the idea of ​​a formal wedding and so decide to have a beach wedding instead. Many celebrities have embroidered the trend of getting married on the beach. If you have decided to have this type of wedding, you will need to plan carefully to ensure that your special day runs very smoothly.

Be Organized
Weddings require a huge amount of organization and planning. You need to think first about the location for your wedding and organize and book this well in advance. If you are getting married on a beach, you will probably want to find a near venue to hold your reception. Many surf clubs and restaurants have special packages specifically designed for this purpose.

Decorating Your Wedding, Beach Style
A beach wedding usually requires very little in terms of furniture or decorations. Many weddings involve a simple gazebo structure, woven with flowers and ribbons and sometimes a carpet or pathway lined with stones or shells. Some beach weddings have chairs for guests; however, most of these wedding involve informally standing and watching the ceremony.

If you are getting married on a beach, chances are that you will be wearing informal clothing. For many people, this means going barefoot. Brides often wear their hair loose and may even wear a shorter wedding dress. There are lots beautifully designed casual wedding dresses that will be suitable for the special occasion.

The Process
Plan out the process. How you will arrive, how you will direct your guests to the right spot. Plan how to move your guests from the beach to the reception. If the reception venue is in walking distance this will be easy.

A beach wedding can be a gorgeous and magical event – just make sure that you plan properly and do not forget to bring some umbrellas and towels in case it rains.