When you find the ideal partner and decide to plan your wedding, it’s a very special time and you want to make the most of the occasion. Fortunately, there are many options open to you. Many people still choose a traditional church ceremony, while others choose alternatives such as beach ceremony, restaurant ceremony, home style ceremony and destination weddings. Getting married overseas could be a tropical beach celebration, a foreign city getaway, a mountain celebration or somewhere else that is special to the couple involved. Destination celebrations are becoming more and more popular for many reasons. Here are 5 benefits to getting married overseas:

1. Make it special: When you find the person you want to marry, you’re picturing yourselves together for life. So it makes sense to create the most special today possible to celebrate your union. Most couples want their big day to be something filled with happy memories that will be treasured forever by themselves as well as by their family and friends. A destination wedding achieves that goal because it’s different and special – and perhaps a little bit different to the style chosen by your friends and family members.

2. Keep it small: Most destination weddings are smaller than the celebration you would have at home. When you’re travelling to a holiday destination for your special day – a tropical beach wedding for example – you think really carefully about who you want to be there. It’s easier to keep the list of invited guests small because everyone understands the situation and the importance of keeping costs down.

3. You have a ready-made honeymoon: A destination ceremony may seem like an expensive option, but you’d be surprised at the savings you can make with this option – especially if the destination isn’t too far from your home country. But the biggest cost saving is that you don’t have to pay for a separate honeymoon! If you book your destination wedding in a place that you would also like to honeymoon, there’s a big cost saving as well as a lot less stress. This is particularly relevant if you choose a tropical beach setting. It can almost seem as though the honeymoon has started as soon as you arrive!

4. You can spend extra time with loved ones: Many people don’t want to spend their honeymoon in the same place as their friends and family members. But some people love the idea of holidaying with their nearest and dearest, even if it’s their honeymoon. These special occasions are normally busy times when it’s difficult to catch up with all your guests. With a destination ceremony and reception, you all have plenty of time after the big day to mix and mingle.

5. Less stress: Many holiday destinations are set up for weddings, making the planning stress free. If you book a tropical beach wedding, for example, all you need to do is book the big day and the special occasion planner does the rest for you. It’s a great, stress free way to get married. All you have to do is turn up!