Are you planning to have your wedding on a beach? If so, how do you plan to send out your invitations? What type of invitations will you use? As you can see, there are lots of wedding invitations that are currently available. These come in many different styles, in many different themes and in many different sizes. Among the choices that you may have are boarding pass wedding invitations.

These are a great way to attract your guests to come to your wedding, regardless of the place. They are very easy to make and they are economical as well. They don’t have the same size as the normal ones, so even if you will hire someone to make them, you will not be able to spend lots of money.

Okay, if you are planning to make use of such, what are your choices? Read on as this will discuss 3 new trends for boarding pass wedding invitations.

DIY Wedding Invitations

As been said earlier, these are easy to make, thus, you can make them on your own. You can make use of your own creativity and make your own design or if not, you can also search for designs online. Aside from designs, you can also search for ways to make these things. There are DIY sites that will provide a step-by-step guide on how to make these things.

Making these will be a fun way of expressing your creativity. Of course, to make things easier, you can ask for ideas and suggestions from your friends and families.

Special Wedding Invitations

Want to make your wedding very special? If so, then you should make use of special boarding pass wedding invitations? So, how can you make these special? There are many ways to make them special and here are some:

• Add your picture when you are still young

• Make the wordings simple

• Make use of extraordinary decorations just like recycled things and the like

• You can have the wordings handwritten

• Have the design unique

• Have the shape one-of-a-kind

• The color of one invitation must be different from the color of another one

• Make them colorful by using different colors

Disney-themed Wedding Invitations

Have you ever watched Disney movies? These are movies for kids, but of course, anybody can watch them. Why don’t you make them as your theme? Doing so will surely make your invitations extraordinary.

Most couples would choose romantic themes, however, why don’t you separate yourself apart from the rest? Why not make use of a theme that is not so common for adults? Why not make use of a child theme? Well, there is no issue about using a child theme. The truth is, you can feel younger if you will use such theme.

These are the 3 new trends for boarding pass wedding invitations. Choose one that will suit your budget, needs and personality. For sure, your guests will be surprised by your creativity. Enjoy your wedding!