What are seal and send wedding invitations?

These are an all in one form of inviting your guests. These can be a very good choice. Not only are they more environmentally friendly, they are more affordable.

Seal and send wedding invitations are printed on a card stock, they usually will have a perforated bottom that is used for an rsvp post card. You would either have these printed or print your own. The difference between a regular wedding invitation and these are many.

First, there is no envelope. This saves the environment and money. Yes, you won’t have to lick an envelope or double pack an invitation. You eliminate a reception card also. You shouldn’t have to worry whether you will have to add extra postage from the added weight. Most of these will be easily with in the weight and size for standard postage.

Second, they can be attractive and set a nice mood. You can order fancy invites in this format, but making your own allows you more choices.

Thirdly, they can be made quickly and you won’t have to have an assembly line to put them together and package for mailing. They truly are an all in one.

These are becoming more popular because, new brides don’t want to give up a nice wedding invitation but they don’t like the idea of having so much waste. It also saves money because it is a postcard that is sent back. That eliminates another envelope. Now you are saving a lot of waste with no envelopes at all.

Just print out you wedding invite on your card stock, perforate the bottom and make two scores. You will have an invitation that is ready to mail. All you have to do is fold it at the perf and score lines, add a nice seal to close it and it is ready for mailing.

Your guests will be pleased to get an announcement that can be easily opened and they can keep track of. With all the fancy cuts you can make with the scrapbook tools you can even make these fancy as well as affordable. An all in one announcement can still be addressed beautifully to match the rest of the invite as well.

So when you decide on what type of card you want to send, keep in mind the advantages of a seal and send wedding invitation. It may be your best choice.