Never forget, to win over wedding planning clients you need to make it easy for them to find you, like you and trust you. Find out what your client really wants and show her how you can help her make her dream come true.


Be approachable. One wedding planner wanted to seem more professional so she bought a voicemail system that made each caller go through a maze of prompts. Even though the planner was a one-woman shop, callers had to endure “Press One for Weddings, Press Two for Vendor Relations,” and so on. This only succeeded in making her sound as cold and impersonal as the phone company. Answer your phone, write handwritten notes and act human!


Gift Yourself. Make it easy for brides to hire you. Consider offering a gift certificate program for your services. Make it easy for the bride’s friends and family to sponsor your fee by prominently displaying this option on your marketing materials.


Sponsor. Why wait for the perfect bridal show to happen? You can put together a terrific show at a profit by teaming up with event professionals who want to reach the bridal market.

Network. True networking goes well beyond business card exchange meetings and Chamber of Commerce cocktail parties. The best networkers realize that to succeed in business you must help others succeed first. Be on the lookout for opportunities to add value to other event professionals.


Don’t Beg. Build up a steady supply of leads. Having an automated lead generation system in place that keeps your inbox full with opportunities prevents you from acting desperate. If you only have one or two sales leads you’ll end up acting like a stalker. You’ll also be more inclined to lower your fees. Build your confidence with massive amount of quality leads.


Make sure lead generation is one of your top priorities. While it may be more fun to check out wedding design trends, nothing will pay dividends faster than creating an efficient automated lead generation program.


Today’s shopper does most of her research on the Internet. When she is shopping for a wedding planner in her city, will she come across your website? Try this experiment. go to Google and type in “wedding planner” in the name of your city or town. Does your business website display on the first page of Google’s results? If it doesn’t learn how to submit your site to the search engines the right way.