Looking for fun inspiration in your wedding planning? A great idea is to plan a wedding based on your astrological sign. For the bride born under the sign of Aries, this means full speed ahead!

As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is a natural leader. You can be headstrong at times, as well as impulsive. In the hurry to get things moving, sometimes the Aries can forget to make a plan first. This is balanced out, however, by your natural enthusiasm and contagious sense of adventure.

An Aries bride will not be a wallflower. She will be happiest with a wedding that is bold and exciting. It should express her personality and zest for life. If you are the sporty type, a unique adventure type of wedding might be just your style. When you see a bride who is getting married while scuba diving or hang gliding, she is probably an Aries!

Assuming that you decide to have your wedding in a more conventional venue, look for ways to make the room sparkle and come alive. Bold and interesting elements will make the reception feel like you. Consider things like: an Asian theme with red and black lacquer decorations, an evening reception bedecked with rented crystal chandeliers to match your crystal bridal jewelry, or a sports themed wedding highlighting your favorite activities.

Aries likes it hot! For the menu, ask the caterer to create a menu of spicy foods, like Mexican, Southwestern, Indian, or pan-Asian. An around-the-world themed reception would suit the adventurous side of an Aries bride. It would be like traveling the globe without leaving the room.

Since an Aries loves to be in motion, great dance music will be a must for the reception. Pick a band or d.j. that will keep the party jumping all night long. A fun idea is to start off with more classic wedding music and then bring out a d.j. to play dance hits into the wee hours of the morning.

Because she likes to move, an Aries bride will not want a wedding gown that is restrictive or cumbersome. Forget about dresses with skirts so straight that you can barely walk, or skirts so full that it practically requires a team of horses to drag you around the room. Look for a gown that is easy to move in, and you will feel great. To add some drama, spice up your ensemble with flashy crystal bridal jewelry.

The toughest thing for an Aries is going to be staying on track and planning the wedding in a methodical fashion. An Aries will have a tendency to jump from point A to point D, while skipping over points B and C entirely. This sense of adventure will serve an Aries well in many parts of her life, but when it comes to putting together a wedding, sometimes you need to do things in a certain order to ensure that no detail is overlooked. The headstrong Aries may also find herself clashing with her mother over matters of taste and decorum. If you encounter these issues, it could be a great idea to hire a wedding coordinator, both to keep you on task and to keep the peace in the family!

You want to plan your wedding in a way that will really reflect who you are. That is what makes the affair memorable for the guests, and enjoyable for the bride. For the Aries bride, be sure to use your wedding to highlight your great sense of fun, adventure, and love of life.