If it is an Italian wedding that you want, then be sure to explore a Tuscany wedding as one of your options. By far the most intriguing and breathtakingly beautiful part of Italy, Tuscany has the perfect balance of history and present day. Evidence of this is seen in the art of the town and landscapes that are evocative. To make your Tuscany wedding charming and a dream come true, there are a variety of wedding venues available to suit every palette and enough and more wedding planner to ensure that your day is just perfect!

Venues that can be explored

Tuscany weddings are romantic and special no matter what the destination is and that is the beauty of this place, whether you choose to get married in an olive grove, hamlet, renaissance villa, farmhouse or a medieval castle that the famous Medici family resided in! Medieval and tucked away towns that you can choose from are Lucca, Pistoia, Florence, Grosseto, Arezzo and Sienna.

Lucca offers you charming medieval villas that were built by and housed some famous people, like the renaissance villa that was built by Mattoe and the villa on the banks of lake Massaciuccoli that was home to the famous Puccini.

Pistoia offers you a charming villa that dates back to the 17th century and well as an elegant fairy tale like family home that housed one of the most famous families of this little town. This villa has a chapel attached to it as well. Florence offers you the most variety for a wedding in Tuscany with Tuscan architecture that dates back as far as the 14th century. With charming and imposing villas that are rooted in the days gone by and venues for a civil ceremony, you will be spoilt for choice at Florence.

Siena too is not far behind Florence. This little Chianti town has medieval castles and villas that give you the option of having a wedding with a royal touch or one that is by the country side.

Grosseto and Arezzo also offer you their fair share of villas and castles.

Planning a wedding in Tuscany

If you decide to have your fairytale wedding in Tuscany, you are definitely going to need a lot of help to plan it especially if you do not live here, which is the case most of the time. There are plenty of professional wedding planners, like ‘Weddings in Italy by Regency’, ‘Original Tuscan Wedding’, Wedding with a View’ etc., who would be more than happy to make all the arrangements for you, right from the ceremony, to the catering and photography and everything in between. Most of these planners specialise in Tuscany wedding so your wedding will be in good hands.