Did you know that few years ago in Kerala, holding a “mock wedding ceremony” was quite prevalent among some communities? In this ceremony, the girl was married to a guy who had perfect astrological compatibility with her. However, the bride and the bridegroom could go their separate way once the ceremony ended. Indian weddings signify traditions that have been continuing for millennia. To give a perfect start to your wedding celebrations, what could be better than choosing the right South Indian wedding cards? In most wedding cards, you will find a motif of Lord Balaji placed outside or inside the card. Paisley and floral designs are in high demand too. However, amidst designing, styling and customizing your invite, you tend to overspend. Let us see how you can maintain your budget while selecting your South Indian wedding cards.

Budgeting for South Indian Wedding Cards

While selecting and finalizing your South Indian marriage cards, your budget might fluctuate. There are certain factors that could add to your expenses. Let us see what these factors could be:

  • Paper Quality: It is better to use light and fine quality paper rather than heavy paper. South Indian wedding invitations tend to become expensive when heavy and rich quality paper is used.
  • Color: Try keeping your card simple and stick to a few colors rather than using a huge range of colors. When you use more colors, the printing costs tend to rise.
  • Special Designs: Avoid intricate and detailed design. Floral designs are cheap and cost effective. Non-paper materials, such as silver, gold and pewter, add to the cost as well.
  • Inserts: Use the space in the cards effectively and try mentioning at least two-to-three events on the same page rather than adding different inserts for each ceremony.

You can personalize your South Indian wedding invitation cards as per your budget by keeping the above mentioned points in mind. Once your card is finalized and delivered to you, there must be systematic delivery of the cards to your relatives and friends. Here are some things you should k keep in mind when delivering these invitations.

Delivering South Indian Wedding Invitations

Personal delivery is the most appropriate way of distributing South Indian wedding cards. However, at times, you might have too many things to do to be able to personally visit each invitee. In such cases, it becomes very important to keep the following point in mind:

  • Make sure your wedding invites are properly sealed.
  • The name and mailing details should be in a legible handwriting.
  • If you are posting the invites, ensure you use the right amount of stamps.
  • When sending out the invitation through courier companies, enquire about the delivery schedule.

The most important thing after designing the South Indian wedding invitation is to ensure that they reach their right destination.