Stay busy all the time in church. Doing this and doing that will eventually burn you out

to the point where there is not much energy or desire for making love to your husband.


Preach scriptures to your husband often about the importance of focusing on spiritual things

like reading his bible and being involved in church more than what he is. After all, he simply

thinks about sex too often and not about God enough.


Make love only once a month or maybe once a week on Fridays and on holidays. This way, your husband

will be so anxious and grateful. This will put you in a position of power over him. Never mind that this causes him frustration and acts of anger. Just be sure to punish him for any outburst. The dog house baby!


Never ever flirt with your husband or grab his buttocks or his…uh…well you know…his what-cha-ma-call-its.

After all, that is not holy and is more reflective of a slut and we know that all sluts are going to hell.


Keep a headache constantly. Don’t take painkillers. If your head hurts all the time, you will always have an

excuse for not getting in the groove with your husband. Of course the headache strangely goes

away when you get ready to go to church.


When you do make love, only do it with the lights off. Never make love in the broad daylight.

Never use candles or night lights. There must be complete blackness, darkness and such things of this

nature. There’s just too many things that you are dealing with from your past for you to allow your husband

to see you butt naked. Maybe down to the bra and slip but even that is pushing it to the edge.

After all, didn’t you read somewhere where it is a sin for a man to look upon the nakedness of a woman???


Never permit yourself to enjoy the pleasure that your husband can give you. Women are not suppose to

have fun in bed or even utter a moan even though one may slip every now and then. That is simply not holy.

Just lay there and let him do “his business”. When he’s through don’t wonder him if you pleased him. After

all…he did climax didn’t he???


Never take a bath or a shower with your husband. This is simply asking for trouble. Take all of your baths

alone. We all know that men get turned on at seeing their wives wet and naked. Besides, it’s hard to take

a shower (refer back to 6.) in the dark.


When he makes his move, get spiritual on him. Say something like this for example: “The Lord is leading

me to read my bible tonight and fast sex. I will let you know when I come off of this fast.” Or you can say

“No, honey…I won’t wear that…only sluts dress like that.” Make sure your knees are covered 24/7. Surely he

will understand. After all, God comes first and you must constantly remind him of that too. Remember…look

married but not sexy. All women who look sexy are going to hell and you don’t want to go there do you?


When you do make love always do it in the same place and same position. Never let him get you to try

a different position or even a different place. Why rent a hotel if you are living in a home? That’s stupid.

Why lay on the floor by the fireplace when you have a bed in the bedroom? Besides, all of this takes up

time and this thing must be over with in 10 to 15 minutes max. The dishes are still in the sink.

Remember…these ten tips must be followed to the impth degree. Only then will you be assured of destroying

all sexual intimacy in you and your husband’s relationship. Never mind that sexual intimacy is a beautiful

form of worship in the presence of God. This is a realm of the spirit that must not be entered into because

something about it is just not right…it makes you feel uncomfortable. Though it could be because of past

experiences, you can’t let yourself dwell on that now because you are saved, full of the Holy Ghost and that with

tongues. Thus, you don’t need to deal with your past (eww that hurts) nor is it necessary for you to let God

help you in this area. Just keep it buried and keep your husband in longing and things will work out one way or

another…won’t they?