A marriage in India is more than knitting the ties of wedlock. This auspicious event reflects customs and values of every community, the most primary of them being hospitality. The practice of personally inviting every guest paves way for invitation cards. For a card, not only delivers the details regarding marriage but also symbolizes warm regard and respect.

Wise men once said “Marriages are made in heaven” little did they say about all the procedures and traditions that follow a wedding! The first look into every wedding is the wedding card. Fancy cards might be the order of the day but little do people realize that the purpose of a wedding card claims top priority.

Indian Marriage Invitation: Instilling Belief and Sanctity!

Unlike other countries, in India marriages are considered to be a holy ceremony where the bride and bridegroom pledge to solemnly respect and abide by the bond of trust and love. The Indian Marriage Invitation has in its vocabulary the names of all close family and friends listed. This is a token of appreciation that the families extend towards their loved ones. The guests are generally addressed with folded hands; this gesture means respect and states equal rights for either one of the parties! The invitation cards have this gesture printed in them which symbolically explains the honor of their presence for the occasion.

India gives shelters to countless customs and communities. Each one of these communities has a distinct wedding style following distinct rituals and specific customs. Correspondingly do they design their wedding cards. For instance, a South Indian wedding, particularly one from Tamil Nadu will have the names and star signs of the bride and groom along with the names of the relatives mentioned. This is to pay their tribute to their forefathers. A North Indian Wedding however would have cards printed with different schedules of various ceremonies taking place.

Inside every card lies the vibrant greeting of two families, their kith & kin and several well wishers. The style of printing cards has now started taking a deep insight into ancient forms. There are people who choose pamphlets like leaves or wooden scraps, these not only give a unique ambience to the message but also it is derived from old Indian values and ancient practices.

In India, wedding invites play a major role owing to it being the first and primary step in the preparation for a wedding. Often this invitation is given with an offering to a God or Deity whom the family prays and worship. This practice is done in order to seek the divine grace of almighty to grace the occasion with his choicest blessings!