Planning a wedding can be challenging and stressful which is why it is not surprising if an engaged couple has at least one quarrel while planning their wedding. Aside from quarrels between the engaged couple, there may also be quarrels between one of them and a meddling friend or family member. Although these occurrences are not unusual, they should deal with properly to avoid any escalation to a more serious fight. Below are some tips to help you deal with quarrels while planning for your wedding.

Choose your battles. Two people will be getting married and it is almost impossible for the two of you to both like the same thing in every little detail related to your wedding. Expect that there will be at least one instance wherein you and your fiancé will like different things such as choosing whether to book 55 Events Place or Blue Leaf Events Pavilion so expect to compromise along the way. The best way to do this is to identify any wedding detail that is non-negotiable for you so that it will be easier to let go of other details that you and your fiancé might not agree on. There is no need to quarrel or fight over every single disagreement. Instead, choose your battles by specifying which ones you absolutely want for your wedding.

Give options. Whatever your fiancé is the type who absolutely knows what he or she wants or the type who will barely get into wedding planning, it is best to give options to make it easy to agree on things. For the uninvolved fiancé, providing options will help in making decision making easier because the choices have already been limited or narrowed down. For the controlling fiancé, providing options will give your fiancé the illusion of having control over the decision making even if the selections have already been pre-chosen by you.

Give updates. This is particularly important in pacifying parents, friends, or close family members who may want to meddle in your wedding planning. To prevent anyone who wants to be more involved from feeling left out, share bits of information on how the wedding planning is going. However, do not share everything because it might encourage them to meddle some more. Identifying wedding details that you would be willing to let them decide on will help a lot. Just make sure that you let them decide by giving a set of options that you have already pre-chosen. Never mindless, it is still important to talk to them to let them know gently that it is your wedding and that even though you welcome any help they can offer, all final decisions will be up to you and your fiancé.