Your wedding invitation is the first point of contact for you friends and family that your big day is coming. Some recipients of a wedding invitation will put it to the side while others will display it proudly on their mantelpiece until the event itself.

The wedding invitation sets the theme and mood for your wedding almost instantaneously! Whether it’s through the colour theme, the embellishments or the type of card itself, your guests will see your personality shine through your choice of card.

Your wedding is ultimately a celebration of you both as a couple! All your good characteristics and happy times rolled up into a big celebration. The whole day is all about you both, so it should be as personal to you as possible. So when you are picking your wedding invitation think about what matches your personality and you can’t go too far wrong!


This is your type of invite if you like to do things by the book. You are fairly conservative and you like to be organized and well turned out at all times. Giving a good impression is really important to you and you like to hold up family tradition and values. This is usually a simple, tasteful invite that could not be mistaken for anything but wedding invitation. If you have a colour theme then you have probably embellished with a little lace or ribbon detail in your colours, for that personal touch.


Whether it is a photograph of you as a couple, an image you took together on holiday or an image you found in passing, an invite with a photo as the centerpiece gives a strong impression. We all value memories and like to capture all the happy moments. If it’s a personal photo of you both together then you let people see into a personal side of your relationship, reminding them that it’s such a special occasion you’d love them to be there. If it’s an old family photo you may be showing your love of family and the importance of your union. If it’s an image you’ve found it shows that you are people who love to be inspired and inspiring!


It will come as no surprise to your guests if you are the kind of couple who appreciate a laugh and a joke that this is the way you choose to invite them to join you! They will immediately see that you want to have a good time and this is going to be a great celebration. It is just as important to you that everyone else has a good time at your wedding as you.


This invite shows that you are a couple of passion and inspiration. You like to explore and aren’t afraid to try something new. You will put a lot of time into selecting this card and making sure it gives the right impression or emotional connection you were looking for. Whether it’s bold and striking, soft and subtle or somewhere in-between your guests will know immediately it’s from you as your personality shines through!

Think about what is important to you and the aspects of your personality that people love, and you will know straight away the invite you should be looking for.