Handmade wedding invitations text in itself provides many options for how you can design it for the final result. First things first though, prior to making choices on how your invitations will look, you must pay attention to the wording you will put on the paper. In all reality providing the correct details to your guests is absolutely the most important part of sending wedding invitations out to your guests. Your guests will plan their entire trip around what you provide in your handmade wedding invitations text so you must have the details right for them.

Look through your notes and make sure you are taking the information from here instead of just relying on memory. I’m sure you know when your wedding date is, but it will also put you a little more at ease if you take the time to make an extra phone call to your venue and make sure that your details jive. These details are nothing to take for granted so don’t. When you think you have everything right, proofread it again. Now have someone else proofread it for you. The reason for this is that you have a lot on your mind during your wedding planning process so you don’t want to confuse yourself.

Now with this out of the way you can start to plan your wording for your handmade wedding invitations text. The way you word your details will be your way of showing your guests what style of wedding day they will be attending. If you choose to make your wedding a formal affair, than you will want to follow a few guidelines to portray this.

Your handmade wedding invitations text font can be the first place you set the tone. A nice script font is always elegant and formal, but don’t overlook a bold block lettering. You can add a nice monogram for additional impact as well. All of these will set a unique tone that will show the formality of your wedding. It is also completely acceptable to use more than one font, just make sure they blend well and keep the formal feel.

Your wording will be of major importance and will tell a great deal about the style of wedding you’re hosting. A time-honored wording lends to your invitations as well as your envelopes lends a formal appeal. There are many examples of this wording easily accessible by reviewing invitations online.

For formal invitations a tip that will make an immediate impact is to use the British version of the word “honour” when requesting the honour of their presence. Additional guidelines to follow are to use formal names when addressing your guests. This would be the full name of your guest with inclusion of a title such as Mr., Mrs., Ms, and Jr. or Mrs. These should be the only abbreviations you should use throughout your invitations, and you could even word these without abbreviations as well. Do not use nicknames, even for close friends. Also include the middle name for the bride and groom. If you choose to use a monogram this will make even more sense to your guests.

For addresses you will also want to use the full spellings of addresses (First Street), dates (Saturday, the twentieth of February) and years (two thousand ten). Do not use numbers for any dates, times, or addresses if you are choosing to make your handmade wedding invitations text formal (the exceptions would be house numbers, apartment numbers, and zip codes). Spell out any street names including normally abbreviated terms such as Court, Lane, Street, etc… Spell out any times included on your invitations. For example, 6:00 PM would be Six o’clock in the evening. This will help your invitations to be consistently formal throughout. Use line breaks instead of commas.

Carry this formal text format through from your handmade wedding invitations for addressing your envelopes as well, including as mentioned for any addresses by fully spelling out all numbers except the house, apartment, and zip code numbers. As an added formal effect you will want to use your best penmanship on the envelopes if you hand write them. If your handwriting is poor, ask a friend or family member to help you with this, just make sure to take your time and not make it look rushed. Another option is to hire someone that is experienced in formal writing such as calligraphy, but make sure that this writing matches your handmade wedding invitations text style within the invitations itself if you choose this.