Wedding is supposed to be full of fun! You may also want to design funny wedding invitations so that you may make your event more interesting. In fact, sometimes couples will just be too serious about the event and they will miss the point of it. You should try to enjoy your own event and big day. It is the beginning of your marriage life and you should celebrate happily with your guests.

As a matter of fact, there are guests who may not really love the idea of a formal event. They will feel more relaxed when they receive your funny wedding invitations. Of course you will also need to make sure that you event will not be a really formal one. You will need to tell your guests that there will be full of fun when they come.

So, the question here is how you should design your own funny wedding invitations. One of the ways is to draw the portraits of the bride and the groom. Of course the drawing will be of some funny styles. It will look like some kind of cartoon instead of something very serious. You will then need to print the drawings on the card. It is not difficult for you to do so at the end of the day.

Of course the above is only one of the example of creating funny wedding invitations. Think about the idea of fun and you will be able to generate a lot of ideas. For example, you can try to imitate the writing style of a kid of five years old. You will be writing the contents of the card by using this style. This will already make it very interesting.

You can also pay attention to the wordings when you are considering the funny wedding invitations. You can make some fun by writing the contents in an interesting way. You do not need to follow the formal templates of the wordings. Of course you should try to create the wordings yourself. At the end of the day you should try to write something that can make your guests laugh when they receive the cards!