Is your marriage in deep trouble and you’re looking for Christian marriage advice that you can actually count on to work?

Well you’re certainly not alone. There are many Christians in the same boat. They don’t want to go against the Word of the Bible and divorce, yet they’re unhappy and don’t have the slightest idea what to do.

Advice for a Christian marriage isn’t something to be taken lightly. The truth is that if you’re a devout Christian your marriage is a substantial principal of your marriage and your spiritual life. It’s a huge foundational element as to who you are, and probably that’s more so for you than most other people.

Where You Shouldn’t Get Christian Marriage Advice…

I will be talking about where to get marriage advice for Christian couples soon, but first I wanted to talk about where you shouldn’t get it from, because so many of us go to the wrong people for this.

1) Don’t go to your friends…. Now this may go a little against what your church teaches you about fellowship, and I understand that. But the truth is that friends are just the worst people to ask about marriage advice. They’ll almost always give you terrible advice.

2) Your family is no better… I understand that you may be very close to your family and you may trust them a ton. But they’re not good at all about giving you marriage advice whether you’re Christian or not. The reason is that they will give you the most biased tilted marriage advice there is.

The worst part (or maybe the best part I suppose) is that they do it because they love you and care for you. But that’s why it means that they’re so darned biased. They’ll give you advice that they think you want to hear instead of what you need to hear.

So If You Can’t Go to Your Friends and Family About Christian Marriage Advice, Who Can You Go To?

1) Speak Directly to Him… Well it should make complete sense to you that you should go to the main source, and that’s God. How do you do this? The Bible of course. The Bible is a tremendous guide for you, and there are probably more lessons than you can imagine there.

In fact it’s when we need certain answers the most that they jump out at us.

2) Within Yourself… One of the greatest things that you can do for your marriage is to dig deep and figure out what it is that YOU can start doing today that would change your marriage. Your marriage changing depends on 2 things. You changing what you can change (your 50%) and your spouse changing what they can change (obviously their 50%).

Now the only part of that which you can change is your part. You’ll never change your spouse so quit trying. But you can start changing the way you look at your marriage, the way you remember you and your spouses history, the way you react to all your spouses annoyances, etc.

You need to start figuring these things out and it’s going take some thinking. It’s also going to take something else crucial…

3) Help from Someone Who Truly Knows What They’re Talking About… What I mean by help is not just advice. Yes, I know you’re looking specifically for Christian marriage advice, but what you also need is strategies and ideas from someone who’s been in your position and come out the other side with a stronger version of their marriage…or someone who’s seen and studied real marriage that work and don’t work.