Wedding cake toppers are the perfect way to personalize your wedding cake.

Traditional Toppers

When you start looking for wedding cake toppers, you’ll find that you can either choose a traditional wedding topper or a more modern wedding topper. When people think of traditional wedding toppers they generally picture a plastic bride and groom holding hands, standing at the top of the cake. The bride and groom on the cake generally don’t look anything like the bride and groom who are preparing to tie the knot.

These traditional bride and groom toppers are still available, but now you can actually mix and match brides and grooms so they resemble the bride and groom. Many places that sell wedding toppers have ethnic brides and grooms.

Flowers are also very traditional wedding cake toppers. People have been putting flowers on the top of cakes for centuries. Flowers are a nice accent. They add a dash of color the cake. Many people sprinkle the petals down the length of the cake. This adds color to the whole breadth of the cake. If you use flowers as a wedding cake topper, make sure to put the flowers on right before the cake goes out. This will ensure that they look fresh.

Going Outside of the Box

Times have changed and so have wedding cake toppers. Many younger couples place monograms on the top of their cake. Monograms generally include the couple’s initials. You can find monograms that are elegant, subtle or zany. The nice thing about this topper is that you can use it after the cake is finished. Heavy monograms make for great paperweights.

Sometimes couples like to express their individuality by using a wedding cake topper. Many couples use themed wedding cake toppers. For example, a couple getting married on a ranch might want a wedding topper that says “Gettin’ Hitched.” Or, a couple getting married on a beach might want to put an assortment of shells on top of their cake.

If you don’t like these ideas, don’t worry. There’s no rule that says you have to put a wedding topper on your cake. If you don’t like wedding cake toppers, don’t put one on your cake.