Your wedding is the day you’ve been waiting for all your life. That’s why it’s only right that it happens exactly the way you want it to. From the wedding dresses to the minutest detail, you must given complete reign. If you’re planning a wedding for the beach, there are things you must take into consideration when it comes to your dress and those of your bridesmaids.

First of all, bear in mind that a wedding on the beach is likely to include a warm and dry weather. Thus, wearing heavy clothing is a no-no. Layering might cause you to feel hot and dehydrated. There have been cases where brides and/or their bridesmaids fainted from the heat and their suffocating gowns. Your beach wedding dresses should be made of light fabrics. Cotton is usually the safest choice, which is why it is popular among brides who want to take their vows on the sands.

You can, however, go for a non-traditional approach. While most weddings on the beaches, brides wear gossamer gowns, some brides do prefer to wear a bathing suit. This is not a taboo in these modern times; it is, after all, a wedding on the beach. If you choose to wear a bathing suit, you could dress it up (to add a touch of formality) by accessorizing with a see-through cover-up shirtdress and jewelry. Or, you could dress it down (to enforce casualness) by going barefoot.

What about the veil, you ask? To complete beach weddings dresses, designers usually leave the head bare. Your hair may be styled to a ‘do, or you can leave it free and flowing. A headband made with organic materials, such as flowers and dried leaves, is a lovely alternative to a veil. Leis in your choice colors – and if you wish – could complete the look.

Finally, make sure to pay attention to your budget. You don’t have to splurge for a beach wedding dress. If anything, dresses for beach weddings are cheaper because they don’t use as many materials as conventional bridal gowns. With the tips included in this article, you can’t go wrong finding the best beach weddings dresses.