Wedding planning entails looking over at least a thousand of details about the event. Because there are so many things to plan, one can easily miss out small important details. However, one aspect of the event that can never be overlooked is of course, the bride’s wedding gown.

Typical wedding gowns mean elaborate fabrics, intricate designs and a long train. But if you want to have a casual wedding like a beach wedding for example, it is all right to don a simpler wedding dress and surely, it will still make you look beautiful and elegant.

If you do not have any idea on casual wedding dresses, here are some ideas you can use for your beach wedding.

  • Sundress

A cotton or linen sundress is the perfect beach wedding gown as it speaks of comfort, ease, and freedom that the ambience of the beach exudes. The great thing about this dress is that it does not trap heat and moisture in the fabric, which is great especially because the atmosphere at the beach is humid. Moreover, the bride is also able to move freely with this kind of dress.

  • Suit

For most brides, they think this option is not so lady-like but still there are a growing number of women wanting to get married in a suit, whether it is a pantsuit or a Jackie O style suit. Comfort and confidence are the qualities that a suit spells.

  • Maxi-dress

Maxi-dresses are fun and whimsical just like the atmosphere at the beach. You can opt for a knee-length or floor-length maxi dress and choose between white and cream.

  • Strapless or spaghetti strapped dress

Strapless and spaghetti strapped dresses look flattering in almost every type of figure. They are also elegant, beautiful and comfortable. It is no wonder many brides getting married with a beach theme prefer this type of dress.

  • Bikini top and sarong

If you are on the conservative side, you probably will not go with this option. But if you are daring and you love to wear bikinis, you may want to consider this idea. Just be careful since there are some ceremonies that do not allow such attire.

  • Other options include halter dress, sleeveless v-neck dress, dress with sweetheart neckline, ankle length dress, tea length dress and knee-length dress.

Tips on Choosing Beach Wedding Dress

  1. Go for colors that complement the beach. Yes, you can have a white dress for your wedding to have that traditional feel. But you also add touches of other colors such as blue, cream, tan, or brown that also complement the beach scene.
  2. Leave those shoes behind. Instead of fussing at which pair of shoes to wear in your beach wedding, consider the idea of going barefooted. You would love the feel of cool sand squishing between your toes while you make the momentous walk down the aisle, plus you save money from skipping an expensive pair of shoes. Not to mention, being shoe-less also means comfort and freedom.
  3. Check the temperature of the area. If the wedding location is humid, go for fabrics that can let you breathe. If the area is a little windy, get something to wrap you up.  

Getting married on the beach can be both fun and challenging. So is choosing a beach wedding dress. With the line-up of ideas in this article, you will have a less difficult time choosing the right dress for your memorable beach wedding event.