Beach weddings are casual in their nature, so beach wedding dresses should be casual too. It will not very comfortable for the bride to have a ten foot train on her dress. The challenge is to choose a great dress for your body shape, but taking into account that the wedding will be celebrated on the beach.

Which are the best places to find a great casual beach wedding dress? Bridal shops or magazines are the first natural choice. Shops have specific departments for casual dresses, and something similar happens with magazines, there will certainly be some pages or an entirely number dedicated to casual wedding dresses.

There is something interesting about beach wedding dresses, it does not need to be a wedding dress. If you have a traditional wedding on a church , the tradition says that you should wear a traditional dress, and probably you have never dreamed to wear something different. But on the beach you have the possibility to wear any dress that fits with the theme of the wedding. If you are on a tight budget, this can be great news as this type of dress is more affordable than the traditional ones.

It is also important to think about the shoes you will be wearing. You should consider using shoes suitable to be used in sand, which will be different from the ones you would use on an indoor wedding. There is another option, many couples decide to go completely barefoot, not wearing any shoes.

Finally, it is not recommended the use of veil as part of your beach wedding dress. It depends on the location of your beach wedding, but wind can be very strong at the beach and you will feel uncomfortable. You can adorn your head with flowers instead, it will make you look great and you will not have to think about weather.

Choosing a great casual beach wedding dress can be very funny. Be sure to enjoy and look great on your day.