There are many fashions when it comes to wedding cakes and lately cupcake wedding cakes are really making a statement. Cupcakes look elegant and are loved by brides, grooms, family and guests. Their popularity is really taking off for many reasons such as the memories they bring back, their beauty, their designs, cost, taste, shapes and versatility.

Memories – So many people can remember growing up with childhood memories of these cute little sweets from parties. When people have them again as an adult, it may trigger happy memories of their childhood when things seemed so much simpler.

Beauty – Cupcakes look so wonderful and appealing when decorated and there are many options when it comes to creating that perfect look. You can use butter cream whirls, sprinkles, cream cheese frosting, fresh fruits or even chocolate, in fact the options available are endless.

Design – As the decorating options are so varied with cupcakes, it’s very easy to coordinate the cupcakes to your chosen theme. You could use colors to match you theme, such as plain or elegant white for a simple stylish look or more vivid colors such as hot reds or chocolate caramel to really stand out. There are plenty of colors available to match whatever theme you are using.

Cost – The cupcake wedding cake can be significantly cheaper than a more traditional wedding cake therefore if you are on a budget, it’s an option that’s defiantly worth considering.

Taste – As the cupcake wedding cakes are all individual little cakes, you can even have different flavours. This may seem non traditional but it’ll be a fun variation on traditional wedding cakes. This means that your guests will experience different tastes as they sample the different varieties you have available. You may choose to have two or three varieties or perhaps even more. Some examples available for wedding cupcakes include strawberry, chocolate, carrot, lemon, banana, vanilla, cinnamon and a lot more.

Shapes – Cupcakes normally come in around two different shapes, small and large. Small is a traditional cupcake size and shape while large is a lot like a muffin shape. You can choose to have them all the same shape or even mix them up and have both shapes.

Versatility – As they are individual little cakes, they are very easy to transport and move around. Also cupcakes look great displayed on a wedding stand where you can mix them around if you have different styles and designs. This is normally referred to as cake tree and it looks very special.

There are so many benefits of using cupcake wedding cakes as opposed to more traditional wedding cakes. They allow you to have many options in terms of decorating and themes used and as a result they are becoming more popular.

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