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Choosing Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are a great way for couples to show their gratitude to family and friends that graciously attended their wedding day. Wedding favours are small tokens of appreciation that couples can give out to their guests,...

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Chinese Wedding Customs and Traditions

Betrothal Gift Exchange (Guo Da Li) The items to be exchanged in a Chinese Customary Wedding depend on the dialect group and in some instances, agreements between parents of the bride and groom. It is purely a customary practice...

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Tips When Buying A Wedding Cake

In most instances, wedding cakes are multilayered and are heartily decorated with icing, beads, and other embellishments that would reflect the grandiose of the event. On the top is a small topper of a bride and groom. Wedding...

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Tips For Choosing Wedding Decorations

The first thing that guests notice when they attend a wedding ceremony is the decorations.  Therefore, every bride and groom wants to have very attractive and memorable decorations, and to have these represent the interests of...

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